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It took me a long time to understand how to embrace life and love myself just as I am.  For the past 20 years, I’ve thought about how to be different – mostly how to be thinner.

I’ve tried numerous diets and even went as far as competing in a figure competition where I starved myself – and in the end, I still wasn’t satisfied.

I’ve since realized how much dieting and hating my body was holding me back – I’ve realized…


I lacked confidence.

I didn’t take risks.

I avoided intimacy.

I was defensive.

And…I was never satisfied.

I avoided fun with friends – afraid of what I might eat or drink.


I loathed holiday parties.


I HATED any bathing suit.

I ruined fun times for the fear of judgement of my size.

If you have lived the majority of your life wishing for something different or hoping for a different you- please know there is a different way.  I can help you be present, love yourself, and accomplish extraordinary things.  I can show you a way of living that you never thought possible.  A life where you love yourself and are forever free of diets.  No more banging your head off a wall.  No more trying a diet hoping “this is the one”, only to fail and hate yourself for it.  No more fearing a bathing suit, sex with the lights on, and no more comparing yourself to other women.

You’ll instead be a person you love.  You’ll find confidence you never thought existed.  You’ll stop dieting once and for all and be free to eat and live as you wish.

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