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December 11, 2019

An amazing thing happens when you get honest with yourself and you start doing what you love and what makes you happy! You begin to live and enjoy each moment of your life. This is what Melissa made me realize, by listening to me, encouraging me, offering advice, helping me set goals to move me forward in order for my business to grow and be successful. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Melissa for encouragement, goal setting and achieving life goals.


December 11, 2019

Melissa is real! She may swear when there is no other way to describe something but she will also laugh, and listen. Most importantly, she gets it!  Thank you Melissa, I so appreciate you!


December 11, 2019

Melissa always listens to my concerns and challenges and helps me see another way of looking at them. She supports my progress and is so positive and reassuring!


December 11, 2019

One of the worst times in my life was when I lost my job - I was angry, sad, and did not know what to do. Melissa helped me during this time. She's always been supportive of me and she never said, “you are wrong” if she disagreed, rather made me think of the why behind my actions or thoughts. She has helped me evolve as a person that truly accepts who I am by not falling into the stereotypes that media has deemed acceptable to women. She always actively listens to me, showing her concern, posing questions for me…


December 11, 2019

Melissa’s refreshingly honest and compassionate approach is truly her superpowers. Over the years, I’ve witnessed her ability to wield this powerful dynamic - enabling countless individuals to tap into their hidden strengths and aid them on the path to finding their authentic voice...myself included.


December 11, 2019

Melissa has a real heart for people and helping them. She listens intently then asks the right questions, leading you to your own solution. She's helped me get to the root of my emotions and helped me moved forward. She is a great coach and I'm grateful for the time I've gotten to work with her.


December 11, 2019

Melissa has been there for me and has given me great advice. ~Holly Charlottesville, VA


December 11, 2019

At times, I've been overwhelmed with opportunities and decisions, not sure which were best for me. Regardless of the situation (work, infertility, and adoption), Melissa helped me clarify and set goals based on my values. Though I never lacked enthusiasm, sometimes I needed a push to move forward in pursuit of my goal. Melissa has a miraculous way of distilling my words and ideas and offering practical advice on how to turn them into reality. She is a pleasure to be around and truly has a gift for empowering others to take a step toward whatever it is they wish…

Liz Theresa

April 6, 2017

Melissa is an absolute sweetheart. I feel so comfortable coming to her with a question or a problem - and that is exactly what you need to be looking for in a coach. Thank you, Melissa - for EVERYTHING!
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